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Calendar & Events

Session (S), Concert (C), Workshop (W), Retreat (R), Festival (F), Language (L), Dance (D).  See definitions below.

Session (S) - Pint of Irish hosts a Celtic Session every month on the first Thursday at Coffee Cartel in Redondo Beach, CA, the second Thursday at Butler's Coffee in Palmdale, CA, and the fourth Thursday at the Starbucks on Bear Valley Road in Victorville, CA. Bring your instruments and a couple of tunes (and maybe a few copies of music for others).  Feel free to start a set with any tune you know well and we'll all join in.  All traditional acoustic instruments are welcome, including guitars, fiddles, mandolins, penny whistles, flutes, bodhrans, accordions, and pipes.  See calendar below


Concert (C) - House Concerts are a way for touring Celtic musicians to perform where the facilities or demographics do not support a full-scale concert. The host provides concert space in their home; a venue for great acoustic music in an intimate setting. No admission is charged, but a donation is requested, which goes directly to the performer(s). House concerts are not public events, so addresses are generally not listed, Anyone wishing to attend must call first for a reservation.


Workshop (W) - Pint of Irish workshops provide an opportunity to develop an existing talent or discover a new one!  Workshops are open to students at all levels. Workshops may include: dance, singing, Gaelic language, poetry, song, bagpipes, guitar and fiddle and a range of other instruments, all led by accomplished artists.  A full list of planned workshops is coming soon.

Retreat (R) - 

Festivals (F) - Part of the mission of Pint of Irish is to support other organizations and associations that promote interest and participation in Celtic culture, music, and dance.  These Celtic Festivals are held yearly in California by groups with this mission.


Language (L) - Our friends Conradh na Gaeilge (the Gaelic League Los Angeles) and the Celtic Arts Center are dedicated to preserving and promoting Gaelic (Irish, Scottish, & Manx) languages.  Beginning Irish language classes are provided weekly for free in Redondo Beach, Culver City, Glendale, and Agoura Hills.  Irish and Scots Gaelic classes are offered at the Celtic Arts Center in North Hollywood.

Dance (D) - 

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